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VpCI Electronics Protection 

Your electronics can be protected from corrosion whether in use, in storage or in transit. How? By using vapor phase corrosion inhibiting (VCI). Each one of the products listed here has VCI as the main active ingredient.   


What are VCIs and how do they protect electronics?


Corrosion requires the right conditions for a series of complex relations to occur. One condition is the availability of metal ions. Without metal ions normal atmospheric corrosion cannot occur. Thus preventing metal ion migration on a metal surface is a means of corrosion prevention. VpCIs do exactly that; they act as a barrier to metal ions.


Here is a simplified version of how VCIs works:


VCI is a compound with a low vapor pressure. VCIs can be placed in almost any medium including water, oils, plastics, powders, etc. When VCIs are impregnated into a plastics bags, for example, they will vaporize from the plastic into the atmosphere inside the bag. When an electronic board is placed inside of the bag, the VCIs will form a layer only a few molecules thing that will protect the metal from corrosive reactions.


Below are the products you need to prevent corrosion on electrical equipment. Click on each item for products listing.   



VCI Emitters 

VCI  Electronics Bags

VCI Electronics Sprays

VCI Electronics Sprays

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