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Bullwarc offers a full line of preservation products for field serve work 

Field Services 

Equipment Protection 

Shelter Installation

Preventative Maintenance Programs 

Plant Layup and Mothballing 

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Equipment Protection
Equipment Protection 


Bullwarc utilizes the latest technologies for turnkey preservation of even the most sensitive equipment. In many cases, coatings are unnecessary and multimetal equipment can be preserved using advanced packaging and vaporized corrosion inhibitors. We are able to utilize environmentally friendly preservation techniques in the harshest environmental conditions. Our services include:


  • Preservation for temporary shut-down or long-term mothballing. 

  • Preservation of both internal and external surfaces 

  • Real-time corrosion rate monitoring systems

  • Removal of preservation products during recommissioning 


Nuclear plant corrosion control

Shelter Installation 

Temporary shelters can offer an extremely economical alternative to warehouse storage. At Bullwarc we offer free span Shelters up 30' wide, 19' high installed at your site within weeks of ordering. Fire retardant material available.  




Single span widths (feet): 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30


Single span height (feet): 11, 15, 17, 19


Length (feet): starting at 20 feet with options to go as long as you need. 



Preventative Maintenance Programs 


Preventative maintenance has saved our clients millions of dollars. Bullwarc offers full preventative maintenance packages that include onsite or remote  monitoring and periodic customer updates of materials or equipment.  Our programs typically include:


  • Initial equipment assessment for protection requirements

  • Equipment protection as per assessment recommendations

  • Installation of monitoring equipment

  • Periodic inspection and reporting  

  • Ongoing application of protective measures as needed 

corrosion preventative maintenance
Plant Layup and Mothballing 



Bullwarc offers comprehensive plant layup packages that include 


  • Audit to identify all facility corrosion control requirements

  • Action plan for the mitigation of corrosion throughout the plant 

  • Turnkey approach to preservation allowing for quick startup

  • Monitoring during layup period 

  • Assistance with the recommissioning process 

petroleum plant corrosion control
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