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VCI Cleaners & Degreasers 

Parts and equipment cleaning can present a corrosion challenge.  Our line of environmentally friendly VCI degreasing products is easy to use and effectively protects multimetal parts and equipment from corrosion after the washing process. 

How do cleaners & degreasers work? 

The main active ingredient for all degreasing products is the volatile corrosion inhibiting compound (VCI) which is water soluble. After metal has been cleaned with VCI degreasing agents, what remains on the metal is a layer of VCI only a few molecules thick that prevents oxygen and metal ions from reacting with the metal surface, thus preventing corrosion. Corrosion inhibiting formulations for rinsing are also available.   

Choose the correct cleaning agent 

Understanding the context of your corrosion issue is critical when determining the most effective solution. Whether over the phone or on site, we are available to assess your situation and provide the most effective solution. To contact one of our consultants, please refer the contact page. 

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