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Cortec VpCI Fogging and Powders  

VCI fogging and VCI Powders for the protection of mental in an enclosed space

Corrosion protection without a coating 

We offer the world's most advanced fogging and powder technology for the protection of metals in an enclosed space. Our line of environmentally friendly  products are easy to use and effectively protects multi-metal surfaces in all crevices and difficult-to-reach areas. Advantages include:


  •  Easy to apply with low dosage (0.3-0.5 oz/ft3) 

  •  Silica-free powders 

  •  Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly 

  •  Multi-metal protection 

  •  Non-hazardous (LD50 ORAL: 2100mg/kg of body weight for VpCI 309 powder)

  •  Powder conforms to  MIL I-22110C

  •  Fogging is FDA and USDA approval (food processing or packaging)

How does fogging and powder work? 

The primary active ingredient in all fogging and powder products is the volatile corrosion inhibiting compound (VCI). VCI can be added to a carrier such as water and fogged into an enclosed space or simply blown in as a powder. After fogging, the VCI compounds migrate and bond to the metal surface while forming a barrier that prevents metal ions and oxygen from reaching the metal, thus inhibiting corrosion. 

VpCI 136 fogging for rust prevention in an enclosed space

Choosing the correct product

Understanding the context of your corrosion issue is  critical when determining the most effective solution. Whether over the phone or on site, we are available to assess your situation and provide the most effective solution. To contact one of our consultants, please refer the contact page. 

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