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VpCI High Performance


Permanent Coatings & Additives 

Are you using dated technology?


Coatings remain the primary method for long-term corrosion protection. However, many coatings available today work on the simple premise that the coating, itself, will prevent oxygen and water from reaching the metal. Traditional coatings usually work when there is 100% coverage, but even the smallest compromise in the coatings leaves the metal vulnerable to corrosion and eventual widespread coating failure.


Our coatings do not rely on this traditional method of corrosion prevention but instead incorporate multiple defense mechanisms to provide long-term corrosion protection in the harshest environments. 




Stage 1


The first line of defense remains the coating itself but using the latest coating technologies including paints and epoxies, we incorporate the most durable coatings available for the specific application including extreme temperature and chemical and wear resistant coatings.  


Stage 2


Our second line of defense includes the use of vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCIs) which provides the corrosion protection. VpCI molecules migrate and bond to the metal surface and form a monomolecular lay that is impervious to oxygen and offers protection against moisture and harsh chemicals. This layer becomes especially important when the coating has been damaged and bare metal is exposed to the environment. Because the VpCIs form electrical bonds they have self-healing properties; when a coating is damaged, VpCIs will migrate to the damaged area and continue to provide corrosion protection.  

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