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VCI Wax and Oil Sprays

What about a non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable temporary coating designed for use in severe marine and high humidity conditions?


We do that too.



Our wax and oil based removable sprays range from medium to long-term indoor and extreme outdoor protection. Some of our most common products are listed below; however, many more products are available for specific applications.  

How do temporary VCI coatings work? 

The main active ingredient for all coatings is the VCI compounds. VCI can be added to nearly any carrier such as water, oil or wax. After the coating is applied to the metal surface the VCI molecule migrates closer and bonds to the metal surface and creates a barrier that prevents metal ions and oxygen from reaching the metal, thus inhibiting corrosion. 

How to choose the correct coating 

Understanding the context of your corrosion issue is  critical when determining the most effective solution. Whether over the phone or on site, we are available to assess your situation and provide the most effective solution. To contact one of our consultants, please refer the contact page. 

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